Josephine Martin

Josephine Martin is a gifted inspirational writer, speaker, producer, poet, and community leader. Her passion for writing full-length screen and stage plays for production is rivaled only by her ambition to motivate others to be their best and to live for the glory of God.

Her artistry conveys strong messages of hope, inspiration, and redemption. As the leader of Kingdom Theater Productions, her acclaimed work and performances have been seen by thousands in a variety of venues.

Kingdom Theater Productions is a multi-talented performing arts group, whose primary mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its vision is to employ spiritual growth, personal development, and positive change through dramatic interpretive presentations and quality productions.


More About the Producer

Josephine's affiliation with the Black Liberated Arts Center at Central High in Oklahoma City birthed her love for the theater. Since then, she has enjoyed writing, producing, and performing her own plays.

Josephine's life in many ways mirrors the characters in her plays, as she has, through the power of the Christ, overcome alcoholism, drug abuse, and rejection. She has experienced the miracle-working power of God by being healed of stage-four cancer, gangrene, and stroke, and through a miracle of conception.

In addition to co-pastoring, Josephine is the director of Mighty Women of Valor Assemblies. The organization's mission is to empower women, to break down the barriers of division, and to promote friendship and sisterhood through courage and Christian education. Josephine, through her art and ministry, is committed to the organization's purpose of healing hurt and bruised women and bringing inspiration to the women of strength.

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